Sean Beers

Why: I am trying to have a fast-paced website

What: It will be about all of my lacrosse photos and videos

How: I would post about two pictures I take a week

Live action shot of St.Joe's Lacrosse player

Saint Joe's lacrosse player wearing a black helmet, red pinny, red shorts, and black undershirt

I took a picture of a St. Joe's lacrosse players during practice in the winter time. Lacrosse player is waiting to catch the ball. My goal is to have the picture viewed by the players and lacrosse fans that follow me. My role is one of the photographers/videographers for the team.

Snowy Practice

Saint Joe's lacrosse players during early morning practice after snow storm

This was an early morning practice, right after a snow storm.

Video and Audio

Sample Video #1

Sample Video #2